About us


HEBEI WEIXING CIVIL EXPLOSIVES CO., LTD. is an authorized enterprise which produces specialized civil explosives facilities and civil explosive products in China. The company located in the east of Xin Le City, He Bei Province. The geographical environment is advantageous and the traffic is convenient. It is 35 kilometers away from the capital of Shi Jia Zhuang. And it is west to Bei Jing-Guang Zhou Railway and the National Road NO.107, south to Shi Jia Zhuang Airport 8 kilometers,Bei Jing-Hong Kong-MaCao highway closed to the company living area.

The area of the company is over 600,000 m2; the plant space is 50,000 m2. At the present stage, we have plus 800 staff, the total asset is 250,000,000 RMB. Our company has strong technical power; there are over 160 varieties of technicians.


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